The ISG will be updated on the 24th October

Improved data grids, new notification system and many more features and fixes will be published early on the 24th

Posted by Kevin Whittaker on 17/10/2017

These are due to be published to the live system on 24th October.

Features and changes to be published:

  • Improved data grids across the application allowing easier filtering, searching and exporting and storing user layout, filter and sort settings to cookie. Initially applied to:
    • Inventory / Data Asset Inventory grid
    • Organisations / Sponsored Organisations grid
    • Organisations / Manage Users grid
    • Super Admin / Registered Users grid
    • Super Admin / Organisation Users grid
    • Super Admin / Organisations grid
  • Added Super Admin push notifications to system. These appear on user in-trays with optional e-mail subscription.
  • Added explanatory tooltip to overall data flow risk score.
  • Added assurance wording (if present) to organisation details modal for visibility to other organisations.
  • Relabelled "Parties to this Agreement" to "Parties Named in this Agreement" to the dataflow export PDF.
  • Super Admins can now update user e-mail addresses from the Admin / Organisation Users grid.
  • Added Admin Group selection and request licence options to organisation registration screen (with Super Admin e-mail notification).
  • Added e-mail to central Super Admin team when a person tries to register from outside a trusted domain.
  • Allowed organisations to be added as "receiving" organisations at the Summary level after a flow has been signed.
  • Added "Last Access" column to the Organisation / Manage Users and Super Admin / Organisation Users grids.
  • Moved audit log button to header area of Data Flow Detail form.
  • Added uploading and deleting of Additional Documents to the Data Flow Detail audit log.
  • Added number of files indicator to the Data Flow Detail / Additional Documents tab.
  • Organisation list on Sharing Summary now includes added date.
  • Prevent inactived organisations from being added to sharing summaries and data flows.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the ICO code checking facility during Organisation Registration.
  • Fixed issues with registering organisation from outside an Admin Group.