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Sharing Made Simple

Keep all of your Information Sharing Agreements at your fingertips in one, online repository.

The intuitive interface and efficient workflows allow you to create and manage your sharing agreements in a way previously unachievable on paper.

We have been able to achieve information sharing agreements at a scale and pace that I would have thought impossible just three months ago.

Joe McDonald, CCIO

All of your Information Sharing Agreements at your fingertips

Work Collaboratively

Work with your information sharing partners to draw up information sharing agreements together.

All sharing partner organisations have visibility of sharing agreements as they are being created and can contribute them.

Collaborative working has been a real boon. Everyone involved understands what we are trying to achieve.

Stephen Brooks, Information Risk Manager

DSAs and PIAs captured collabaratively and electronically

Speed Up Sign-off

Sign-off is handled super efficiently in the ISG.

Once your agreement is ready, bulk request sign off and signatories will be notified and can sign off immediately.

It's made the whole process a lot easier than getting wet signatures on bits of paper.

Stephen Brooks, Senior Risk Manager

Easy, efficient, electronic sign-off