Information Asset Register Development

Posted by Danny Jones on 22/05/2023
ISG Roadmap

We have an opportunity to develop the Inventory tab within the ISG to become a full Information Asset Register (IAR) which will provide a central digital location for the assets you hold within your organisation. An Information Asset Register is a mechanism for managing information assets and the risks to personal information.

This new functionality will help you easily record, find, access, and retrieve information regarding your digital and physical assets directly from within the ISG with the option to re-use data captured against the asset when completing DPIAs and ISAs.

The main benefits would include the ability for organisations to store details of your data assets and capture the data items stored. The development would support users to store contact details for the Information Asset Owner.

ISG IAR Benefits

  • Paper-lite
  • Within the ISG - Same login
  • Supports EU/UK GDPR requirements
  • Inclusive within current paid and future ISG Subscriptions
  • One platform for all IAR/IG needs
  • Standardised approach
  • Integrates into DPIAs and Data Sharing Agreements
  • Provides a full overview of assets
  • Assists with organisational compliance
"Our aim is to simplify your Information Governance processes by storing all IAR information within one simple platform".

Work With Us

As always, we work closely with the ISG community on our developments. We expect to commence work on this in Summer 2023. If you would like to contribute to the development of the Information Asset Register within the ISG please register your interest below:

Register your interest here.